Bank Holiday in photos.

This Bank Holiday: 
  • Jonathan turned 30 and to celebrate we played crazy golf and had dinner with his family.
    • I discovered I was reasonably good at crazy golf. 
    • I decided after this post and your comments and tweets that I will definitely get my hair chopped off soon and have a consultation for the colour change.
      • We had dinner with friends at a local restaurant, ate until we were stuffed then went home to play Mouse Trap.
      • I tried to get to grips with my camera and actually took a photo I was pleased with *hallelulah!*
      • I made an epic salad which was probably the only greenery I ate in all 4 days.
        • the sun made an appearance which made up for losing an hour of sleep.
        • Jonathan and I watched episodes of The Walking Dead behind our hands and finished series two.
        • I wore my new peplum jumper from Next and looked slightly pregnant.
        • I ate chocolate until I felt sick.
          • I painted my nails to look like Mini Eggs.
          • I took regular naps.

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