Day 21

Yesterday I was shown the audacity, the boldness, the brashness, and the disrespect of some people who go camping.  A crew of people pulled into a site on my left, late in the afternoon.  It was a pickup truck pulling a travel trailer and another pickup truck pulling a boat.  These sites are really close together but there is an overflow parking lot not far from where we were.  Well, these folks were determined to put all of their vehicles on their site and took up some of mine as well.

Clowns to the left of me...

Then later in the afternoon another crew of 8 pulled into the site on the right of me.  It was a pickup truck (carrying a motorcycle) pulling a travel trailer which was pulling a jetski.  Another pickup was pulling a large pontoon boat.  They did have the good sense to park the pontoon boat and trailer in the overflow parking lot but brought the pickup back to their site.  Besides small children, they had a little white dog that was not on leash running up and down the street and nearly got hit by a car.  They never once paid any attention to that little dog.  It just ran wherever it wanted while they did their thing.  Even the park ranger had to stop not to hit it, but never said a word to the owners.

So here I am being crunched in by these people who insist on keeping their vehicles on their site and if it happens to overflow onto a neighbor's ... well that is just too bad.  Then to top it all off, the wife shows up in a little black car and parks on the grass (which is against rules) but also on a few feet of my asphalt pad.  That did it.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  It took me about an hour to calm down, I was so angry. 

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer and I walked out of my coach when I knew they were all standing outside their camper.  I stood in the middle of the street and looked at my camper, then looked at the black car, then looked back at my camper.  Did this for a few seconds then went back into my coach.  I'm sure they thought I was going to call the ranger station.

I knew that I would not be able to exit my site the next morning with that car parked that way.  They saw me and I'm sure could see my displeasure, but didn't offer to move their car.  However, it wasn't long after, the 2 men manuvered their vehicles to where the black car was moved onto their site.

Jokers to the right... here I am stuck in the middle...

I went to bed early and was looking forward to leaving the campground the next morning.  I have never been to a campground so crowded before and it has affected the way I feel about this particular state park.  There were many dogs off leash, many vehicles parked on grass, motorcycles racing through the campground, cars going way above the speed limit, etc.  I would not recommend Lake Claiborne State Park to anyone.

Oh... and one more thing.  Everytime I unhook my water and electric from the campground before leaving I fill a gallon jug with water to put in the black tank after I dump.  Here is what the water from their faucet looks like.

Not exactly clear.  That's why I never drink water out of my faucet.

When we left this morning, I rode around to see where the beach was.  It actually wasn't as far as it looked on the map.

Guess who that is pulling up to the beach in their pontoon boat? 

Nice bath house.

Xi didn't care for this beach and didn't want to go into the water.

Maybe it's because she learned how to read.

Very pretty scene.


Left Lake Claiborne around 11:30 this morning and stopped for fuel and a foot long meatball subway.  Rode by Gibsland, LA where Bonnie and Clyde were murdered.  May go back to visit the museum.

This is the last road they traveled on before they were ambushed.

Arrived at Lake Bistineau around 1:30 this afternoon.

I love sites with decks.

Right by the lake.

There are 67 campsites in this campground.  It also has a boat launch, playground, swimming pool, beach area, and an 18 hole professional Disc Golf course.

Disc golf is a disc game in which individual players throw a flying disc at a target. According to the Professional Disc Golf Association, "The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc."   Of the more than 3000 established Disc Golf Courses as of 2010, approximately 87% are free. The number of Disc Golf Courses more than doubled in 8 years from 2000-2008.  The game is played in about 40 countries around the world.

Disc resting in the basket.

Other Louisiana State Parks with Disc Golf include Lake D'Arbonne and Sam Houston Jones.
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It rained last night but this morning the sun is trying to come out.  Took a walk around our section (Camping Area One) of the park this morning and I really like site 55.   There are no sites on the back end and a street separates the other sides of this site, so it is very private.  This campground has 87 sites.

It is next to the boat launch which would be easy access for Xi Shi to walk down the ramp and wade in the water. 

The area has a park bench, small pier, telescope for overlooking the lake, and a fish cleaning room.

I was pleased to find that this park has a sandy beach which is located in the day use area at the other end of the park from where I am.  I'll ride by it tomorrow on my way out.  I'll also check out Camping Area One as it appears - by looking at the map - that it provides more space between sites but I can't tell if it is near the lake.

According to their website, the freshwater lake was lavishly stocked with largemouth bass, bluegill sunfish, channel catfish, black crappie, striped bass, chain pickerel, bream, and white perch.  Each year Lake Claiborne State Park attracts more than 55,000 visitors, most within a 50-mile radius.

She rode down a steep decline in her motor chair to go fishing.

Nice pontoon boat.

Peace Rock

We're leaving in the morning.

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Before leaving the Lake D'Arbonne park we took one last walk to what I think is the best site.  Site #24 has a deck and is near another pier and has lots of privacy.

Site 24

We left Lake D'Arbonne around 11:00 this morning and rode around the park to see where everything was located.  Found the Visitor's Center, swimming pool and tennis courts which were under construction and many workers were giving me the look, "You can't come in here."  

Visitor's Center which was closed.

I quickly left and headed to our next park.  It soon started to rain and I don't like driving in rain, especially on these hilly, winding roads. 


Arrived at Lake Claiborne State Park around noon.  I had reserved a site for one night near the lake but paid for 2 because I'm hoping the rain will end in a day or so.  All of the good sites are taken but I am still near the water views.  This campground has a lot of people with fishing boats and there are many children here so I guess school is out for a holiday.

The sites are too close together for my liking.  However, the area near the lake is very nice.  There is a little dock right down below our campsite.

There are several places with park benches near the water's edge.

Site 70 is right above that little pier.  It's my favorite.

When it stops raining I'm hoping to get better photos of the park.

 I got online this evening to check out a couple of parks on my agenda and noticed that some are almost completely booked so I got a little worried.  It took awhile to rework my itinerary to match up with what is available but I did it.  So now I have reserved sites - 2 nights each - for the rest of my trip.   It appears that the next 8 state parks are utilized a lot more than the ones I have been to thus far.  Perhaps it's because they are nicer.  We shall see.

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You're so sweet I can hardly bear it.

I have been buying Cross Stitcher magazine for a little while now, and received a subscription for Christmas. In my opinion it really is the best magazine out there for cross stitching and I always find lots of inspiration. Recently I fancied making something quick and I had some brown and black thread and rustic aida going spare so I decided to make the Penelope Waits chart from issue 248. I'm sure you will agree it is adorable! 

It was really easy to stitch up and I completed it over a couple of evenings. I decided not to fill the bear in as 1) I didn't have enough brown thread and 2) I think it looks quite nice as it is. Plus I had another project I was dying to start!

Once the stitching was finished I ironed the reverse to smooth out the ridges from the embroidery hoop and backed the fabric onto some card and framed it (the frame was from Ikea and dead cheap!) It now takes pride of place in our bedroom and I love it.

Penelope's shop has some other designs as well as the ones that have appeared in Cross Stitcher so if you're a fan of modern cross stitch patterns be sure to have a look. I think the bear design I made would make a lovely gift for someone, especially in a frame.

I'd love to have a go at designing patterns! Anyone else cross stitched their own design? What do you think of Penelope's patterns?

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#marchphotoaday - Instagram (days 9 - 16).

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Day 13 "a sign" / Day 14 "clouds" (picture taken of this) / Day 15 "car" / Day 16 "sunglasses"
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Left Chemin-A-Haut park this morning at 9:30 and rode around to the area that I had not seen.  Finally found the bayou.  This is the fence that I saw yesterday and that's the bayou down below to the right.

Bayou Bartholemew

Nice walking trail in the playground area along the bayou.

Visitor's Center with pool off to the right.  Both closed.



Left the park and crossed the border into Arkansas.  I was very near where my dad's parents used to live.  Decided not to stay in Arkansas and headed on to our next state park in Louisiana.


Arrived at the park around noon and walked to the office.  The ranger informed me that the park was closed due to repair of the bath house.  We chatted for a minute and he asked me where I was from.  I told him Houma and he said he once lived in Breau Bridge.  Cool.

He then asked me how many nights I planned on staying.  I said only one and he said OK... however, he would not be able to charge me for the site.  WOW... that's nice. 

He said I could have my pick of any site that wasn't blocked off.  There are a couple of campers in the park but not sure if they are workers or what.  I thanked him and rode to the lake. 

The site I wanted was available and it is right next to the Camp Host, which I like.  I backed in and hooked up electric but not water.  It's just not worth the hassle for one night.  I did notice this site has sewer but my tanks are empty so don't need it either.  Sure wish the campground was open and that this were one of my longer stays as it is really nice and offers water views for many RV sites.

I'm parked near the boat dock and fishing pier.

I took Xi Shi for a walk and it really is pretty here.  There are paved walking trails everywhere.  There are also Nature Trails, a pavillion, a pool, tennis courts, mini golf course, Visitor's Center, laundromat, and playground.   The campground has 65 paved sites with about 10 having water views.

The view from my bedroom window.

View from another bedroom window.

View of the Camp Host from my living room window.

Paved walking trail.

Lots of space between sites.

Down to the boat dock.

Walking into the lake.

Small boat dock.

Long fishing pier.

Nature Trail near our campsite.

Small fishing pier/boat dock.

Although I'd love to come back here, the chances of that are slim.  However, I was told by several people that I have yet to see their best state park and is 3 parks away on my agenda.  I'm looking forward to that.

So I placed our Peace Rock and we'll be leaving in the morning.

I have great Verizon Air Card reception for the first time in a long time.

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