Monday summary

Hello lovelies. How are you? My weekend has been hectic! After a lot of "yes I found a place" and "no I haven't" (I like to leave things till the last minute obviously!) I moved back in with my parents so that I can save up a little bit of money. Then hopefully I'll be in a better position to move on by myself soon (with Lily and Lola of course!)

I am living out of boxes and my things are everywhere, and it is honestly making me feel very sad indeed. I just want to unpack and make myself at home, and not being able to do that is rubbish. Not knowing what is round the corner is quite scary. It has been a funny old couple of months that's for sure!

I have some good things to cheer me up though! 5 to be exact!

1) Tabitha wrote a blog post about little old me and it is just wonderful! She is really kind about my blog and she has put lots of effort into finding the pictures and typing up my answers. Thank you Tabitha! Go say hello everyone :)

2) Lots of you commented on the Coconut M&Ms in my last post - and I'm sorry to say ladies they were kindly sent to me by Sarah from across the pond! She has been an absolute doll and sent me a little package full of them, and I can confirm they are delicious! Thank you Sarah. You're a star!

3) I finally saw Inception! Can I get a cheer? After weeks and weeks of wanting to go I finally went last week. I enjoyed it but I was extremely confused. It doesn't take much though!

4) I'm going out for tapas tomorrow night. You can't beat tapas and a glass of sangria to make everything ok.

5) I met someone.. and he is wonderful.. :)

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