DIY: table & chairs using Annie Sloan chalk paint (& a lot of elbow grease!)

I have been dying to share some photos of our newly painted and sanded table and chairs which take pride of place in our dining room. After a fair bit of hard work and paintbrush induced blisters we are so pleased with the final result.

When Jonathan and I moved into our new home together last November we gained some extra rooms and had a long list of furniture to buy for our extra space. We live in a 3-storey house where the garage has been converted to make an extra room which is brilliant, as we wouldn't utilise a garage enough and our driveway is big enough for 2 cars.

We decided we wanted this room to be mainly a dining room, but it also has a comfy sofa area and a tv so it doubles up as a relaxing space as well as being my workout space too. A multifunctional room if ever there was one!

A family member of Jonathan's offered to give us a dining table and 6 chairs that they no longer needed, and as we were on the lookout for a dining table we jumped at the chance.

The table and chairs are wooden, but were coated with layers and layers of varnish which was quite dark and not to our taste. Also it didn't fit in with the colour of the wooden floor and the other things in the room, but we used it for several months using tablecloths to disguise the dark varnish.

The table mid-sanding and the chairs pre-painting

It was always on the radar to sand it down, but it was such a huge job that it was always at the bottom of our "to do" list. Eventually we sanded a little bit of the table top which revealed such lovely wood underneath that we were determined to transform it into something we loved.

When I heard about Annie Sloan paint I knew I had to get my hands on some for several reasons. Firstly it can be painted over varnished wood, so there would be no need to sand the entire table and all of the chairs, and the colours in the range are all beautiful - think creams, greys, duck egg blues, and lovely greens. I had seen several table and chair sets with a wooden top and cream legs/chairs so I thought that using one of the lovely Annie Sloan shades would definitely give us the look we wanted.

We opted for a tin of Cream and a tin of Paris Grey with the view to have chairs in both colours to break it up a little.

Now this is my kind of painting, slapping it on with no priming or sanding to do, and getting really good coverage due to the thickness of the paint. Between Jonathan and I it didn't take too long to get the chairs done which left time to use plenty of elbow grease to sand the table top by hand. The layers of varnish soon started to come away, leaving a lovely wooden table.

Once the table legs were painted I went over everything with a second coat. One coat would have sufficed had we wanted a slightly "shabby chic" look as in places the paint hadn't fully covered the varnish, but as we didn't like the varnish colour underneath a little bit of touching up with a second coat looked much better.

We didn't use any wax over the top however this is something we plan to do at some point to protect the paint from any greasy marks or chips.

I'd love to try doing a piece of furniture with one coat of Cream and a top coat of Paris Grey (or vice versa) then sanding down the top coat to give a lovely used look. We have got plenty of paint left so I'm definitely keeping my eye out for my next victim!

We are so pleased with our new table and chairs. For the price of two tins of Annie Sloan paint and a couple of brushes we have a beautiful table set which fits perfectly with the room. We make a point of always eating our table at the dinner now and we are proud of what a little bit of elbow grease has produced.

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