Goonies never say die!

Another day, another finished cross stitch piece. This time it's something we have kept for ourselves as we think it's brilliant! 

Remember I told you about weelittlestitches on Etsy? I purchased their Justice League of America pattern and stitched Superman and Wonder Woman as a wedding present for some friends who got married recently (I blogged about it here). Well, I also purchased another couple of patterns at the same time and I couldn't wait to get started on The Goonies! If it's not one of your favourite films of all time what the hell is wrong with you?! ;)

Luckily a lot of the thread colours from the Justice League pattern came in handy for The Goonies, and for the colours that I didn't have I picked the closest match from my thread collection, so it cost peanuts to make as I didn't have to buy any new colours.

That's the great thing about being subscribed to magazines like Cross Stitcher - you get a lot of great thread colours with their free gifts so I save them all for a rainy day. I also have a big bumper pack of thread that Jonathan's Sister bought me for my last birthday which has pretty much every colour you could need, so that has been a lifesaver for patterns like this where you may only do a handful of x's in one colour.

It has been one of those projects that I've been doing inbetween other things but had I stitched it continuously it wouldn't have taken long at all. There is a fair bit of swapping colours and checking back to the pattern which takes up a fair chunk (< ha geddit?) of time.

It now hangs with pride of place on our picture wall in our computer room ready to be joined by the next set of pixel people that I'm working on. I've also got my eye on another pattern I'd like to buy. I need more hours in the day!

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