Eyeko: Rain Polish

I recently got a little surprise parcel in the post, in the shape of 2 new polishes from Eyeko. I was most excited about Rain Polish so that's the colour I tried out first. Initially my nails were slightly longer than in the photo below, but the bright shot of colour looked silly so I filed my nails down slightly. Luckily I prefer having short nails plus I think bright coloured polish looks better on them.

Instantly it reminded me of Button Moon by Collection 2000 but a more successful version. I got no streaks and a really great pop of colour after 2 coats, unlike the Collection 2000 version.

I would save this type of colour for a night out or a hot, sunny day if it matched my outfit.

Eyeko polishes are £3.50 and available from the website (and hey, if you order anything, don't forget to use my code E8761 to get a little surprise!)
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