La vie en rose

Long time no speak... :) And I have missed you! Without going into too much detail the past 2 weeks of my life have been a nightmare (to say the least) but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's only a faint glimmer.

Andrew and I decided to call time on our relationship after 2 years because we had grown apart. The past few months have been full of bickering and silly arguments, difference of opinion and a difference in interests. Whilst we are still living together for the moment, soon we will move on to our own places and start our new lives seperately.

I'll get a little place with Lily and Lola; I'm scared but excited at the prospect of living alone. You see I've never done anything for myself before. I have lived away from my parents for 15 months but I still can't cook, don't understand bills most of the time, and don't know how to use a washing machine properly. For the first time ever I will try to stand on my own two feet and concentrate on what makes me happy.

Thank you SO much for the emails and comments from you lovely folk. I've got some great blog-friends and you have all made this process a bit easier for me.

Normal blogging will resume (inbetween packing boxes and looking for a place) so stay tuned! I miss typing up my Monday summaries - although lately I think it may have been a struggle to think of 5 good things!!

Lots of love,

Victoria x
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