GOSH Professional 'Salt of Mine Wet'n Dry Saltwater'

I purchased this little bottle of goodness after it got top marks in a review in Look magazine. I have wanted a saltwater spray for ages and I spotted the review just before my trip to Gibraltar so I headed to Superdrug to get a bottle.

I was really surprised to find it was only £3! I thought it would be much more. It's not a huge bottle though so it was perfect for popping in my suitcase and I was excited at the prospect of having perfect beachy waves on my holiday.

I have tried it three different ways:

* The first time I sprayed it generously all over my wet hair and let it air-dry. I have quite a lot of hair so this didn't work too well. I had to keep scrunching my hair into place and it took forever to dry! For an evening this wasn't ideal but for the beach/by the pool this would have been fine.

* I also tried using it on my hair when it was dry, which worked well to give some volume but it did make it feel a little bit sticky.

* The third way I tried was the best. I even took a little snap for you!

I sprayed it generously on my wet hair and used a hair dryer to dry it with a combination of blasting it willy-nilly and scrunching certain bits to get some extra oomph. I can't stress enough how poker straight my hair is and how much I struggle to get any sort of curl or wave so this outcome is great for me!

I would definitely recommend this product (I believe they also do an extra strong version) due to its cheap price, great smell and good results. If you have shorter hair I reckon you could use it on your wet hair and leave it to air-dry with amazing results.

If you've used this product let me know what you think!
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