A "super" wedding.

Yesterday Jonathan and I attended the wedding of Steph and Sam, Steph being somebody who works for Jonathan. We had been looking forward to the wedding and knew it would be good fun, judging by the comic book style invitation which promised Mexican food and a barn dance!

The ceremony was held at Sheffield Botanical Gardens and after a rather dark and drizzly morning miraculously the sun made a glorious appearance for the whole of the ceremony which we were all thankful for as it was all based outside with just a little bit of cover for the bride and groom.

The grooms Sister sang "Stand by Me" as the bride made her way around the gardens with 2 bridesmaids and her 2 dogs in tow. As one of my favourite songs of all time it almost brought a tear to my eye but I managed to keep composed! (as a side note, later on she sang "we're going to be friends" which I hadn't heard before but I LOVE it. Youtube it!)

The bride looked beautiful and it was such a unique ceremony in the sunshine and beautiful setting.

As huge comic book and superhero geeks fans the reception was full of amazing comic related things to keep us all amused, from the table centre pieces and tableplan to the holders for the pic n mix. Each table had different theme and ours was the Batman table complete with a batman comic and other bits and bobs.

I must also mention the wedding cake at this point which was brilliant!

We were seated near to the pick n mix table which was probably a huge mistake. I ate so many Love Heart sweets I think I was close to a sugar overdose.

Food came in the form of a Mexican buffet and they even made me a special vegetarian enchilada so I was very pleased. Everything tasted great, and was washed down with a huge slab of chocolate cake (plus more pick n mix...).

We were seated with the other people from Jonathan's department at work so it was nice to be seated with people that we knew. 

Once everyone was suitably stuffed and the speeches had been made out came the band and the barn dancing teacher who proceeded to teach some willing volunteers how to barn dance their way round the dancing area. It looked like a lot of fun but we were happy to watch from the comfort of our table. My excuse: I had heels on! Obviously not suitable barn dancing attire. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it :)

After a couple of drinks and a chat with the newlyweds we said our goodbyes and headed home to Rotherham. What a great wedding!

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