Butterflies and hurricanes.

After a hectic month in July I was hoping August would quieten down a little for us and give me some much needed time to relax. Unfortunately this hasn't happened due to one thing or another, most recently that our bathroom flooded a little and soaked the carpets in the surrounding rooms and the floor below. So after a mad dash to hire a Rug Doctor device yesterday we have been tirelessly trying to extract the water and this afternoon, after work, I will be shampooing the carpets through the whole house. If you live in Rotherham and you see a Rug Doctor machine hurling out of a window then you know that's me...

Aside from this little drama though, we do have a few things coming up to look forward to. In a few weeks time Jonathan will be best man and I will be bridesmaid at our best friends wedding, then the following weekend we are going on holiday for a week in the sun. So it looks like September is going to be our month.

I wanted to share a few photos that I took yesterday. I got home from work and went out into the garden with the dogs and found the most surreal sight. Dozens and dozens of butterflies and bees were all buzzing around one of our plants, flying around my head and landing on the side of our house. 

The butterflies were so beautiful and colourful. It was very calming to watch them and rather funny to see Lola taking a dislike to them and trying to jump up to get them. If only she knew with her little legs and the height of the plant she had no chance!

It was just what I needed, taking a time out for 10 minutes and just watching the world go by...

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