2013 will be the year I... (and an update on 2012).

♥ Join a club

♥ Reach my all time goal weight (even if I don't stay there very long..)

♥ Get photos printed and put into albums

♥ Remember birthdays earlier than the day before (i.e. be more organised)

♥ Try something new career-wise

♥ Visit my sister and brother in law on the Isle of Man

♥ See more of my parents

♥ Take better photos

(all from www.weheartit.com)

I did okay with my resolutions set for 2012. I started to use eye cream like I said I would (an Origins one to be precise). 

I learnt how to do nothing and take a bit of time out to have a nice bubble bath or watch a film without giving myself a hard time that it was a "waste" of time. 

I learnt new things (decoupage) and had a really crafty year, making Christmas cards and presents. 

I slacked a little bit with my exercise but I took part in Race for Life like I wanted to and I'm hoping with the help of You Tube, my workout dvds and the fitness centre round the corner 2013 will be my fittest year yet!

I didn't learn to cook a roast but then again I became vegetarian in 2012 so cooking meat for other people wasn't top of my priorities. We have tried so many new recipes and found some firm favourites. Even Jonathan has cut down on meat which I didn't think would ever happen.

I don't think I'll ever figure out what I want to do career-wise (it seems to make it onto my resolutions every year!) but I think it's time for a change in 2013. Time to try something different.

How did you get on with your resolutions from 2012? Made any for this year?
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