Weekend summary (a new hat that hasn't left my head, Pugs, a shabby chic pub & The Hobbit).

You know when you have a really lovely weekend and you want it to go on and on.. well, that's what happened last weekend.

We went to watch The Hobbit on Saturday which was our second attempt after the first time was sold out. Jonathan was really keen to see it and I was kind of on the fence, but I really enjoyed it. It didn't drag on even though it's quite a long film, and I definitely want to watch the next installments when they come out (although I preferred Pitch Perfect! haha).

We cooked an amazing deep-filled homity pie on Saturday night courtesy of The Hairy Bikers then proceeded to stuff our faces until we (almost) exploded. We served it with peas and gravy and it was heavenly!

It was absolutely freezing on Sunday but we wrapped up warm and headed out for a walk near to where we had a booking for Sunday lunch. Being the wally that I am I forgot my gloves so after an hour had passed, and the feeling in my fingers had disappeared, we hotfooted it inside to get a pot of tea (me) and a pint (Jonathan).

The pub we went to houses a mixture of shabby chic furniture, amazing fireplaces and higgledy-piggledy frames on the walls and we love it in there. We'd move in and make it into a house if we could!

My only criticism is that they don't have many vegetarians options on the menu but as it was a Sunday, I opted for the veggie roast. And it was amazing. First of all there was so much food I could only eat 3/4 of it, but you know when it's so good you want to keep going even though you've long since run out of room? And secondly it was really, really good food.

I had a nut/sweet potato tart, honey glazed parsnips, loads of roast spuds, veg, a Yorkshire Pudding and onion gravy. Jonathan got a roast too but with duck as his main, and we shared a serving of cauliflower cheese (it would have been rude not to).

Feeling stuffed and tired after our walk we headed home to watch a dvd under a duvet, making room for some mint Matchmakers because, if you're like us, there's always room for sweet stuff after a big roast dinner :)

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