Took the two girls for a ride in the motorhome to New Orleans today. I found a buyer for my folding bike. Posted on Craig's List and just one hour later had a buyer. Met him half way and he loved the bike. I got what I paid for it and tonight I ordered the electric folding bike I've been wanting for some time. Now I'll be able to pull the little red rolling cart behind carrying the two doggies and I can ride on the beach at Grand Isle and not get into any trouble for breaking rules. Can't wait to see it. It should be here in about 5 days.

It weighs only 51 pounds and is fitted with a 250 w motor. It can travel at the 15 mph road speed limit with maximum speed of 13 mph with motor only. It can go faster with peddle assist. It is capable of a 20 mile range on normal terrain. It has a 24 V and 8AH lithium-ion battery. Cost: $799.

Little Cha Bu is not sure of what to do in a motorhome. She is in constant motion exploring and also wants to be on my lap. I tried to teach her that she is to sit with her sister in the passenger seat as long as we are moving. I have no trouble with Xi Shi as she is well trained for travel and has a 2 year head start on her new sister. But eventually after several tries at getting her up on the seat she stayed and took a nap. Xi Shi does take up most of the room available but maybe I can come up with some kind of solution and widen the area so they can both be comfortable. I'll have to build something that will fit level with the seat and have a brace to the floor. It will be a challenge for me.

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