I received the replacement motor for  my sleep number bed that I ordered online and decided to try to install it myself.  How hard could it be?

Started out by removing all of the bedding and then tried to move the half filled mattress away from the wall to get to the hoses.  As the controls were not working I could not deflate the mattress in order to make my job easier.  It seemed impossible to get to the area where the hoses entered the mattress.  However, I tried for about 30 minutes to position myself under the mattress to reach the hoses.  No luck.  I felt like I was wrestling a monster and it was winning.  A video of this would be priceless.

In my frustration I decided to cut the old hoses in order to remove the old motor from the cabinet and give me more space to work.  Well, guess what happened.  The mattress deflated.  Now I could move the matress and reach the hoses.  Duhh.

Then I had to remove 5 clamps that attached the hoses in place on the wall.  This was easy.  The hoses and control wires and electrical wires were taped together and all ran through a sleeve that was attached to the wall all the way up into the cabinet above the bed.  This actually took longer than getting the bed moved.  So after cutting the tape and removing the tube from the wires I was able to pull all of the hoses and wires out of the hole in the cabinet where the motor is placed and discarded the no longer needed controls and hoses.

Now I was able to attach the new air hoses which was very easy as they just snapped into the mattress.  This new motor came with a wireless control that worked for both sides of the bed.  So there were less wires to run back through the sleeve and up into the cabinet.  I replaced the clamps that held the sleeve in place on the wall and then inflated the mattress.

It took a while to inflate but when it was done I was very pleased with the accomplishment.  Now my bed is back to the firmness that I like and it feels great.  The entire job took 2 hours which should have taken only 15 minutes according to the salesman where I purchased the motor.

So... as soon as this wet and cold weather goes away we'll be taking a short trip and I'm looking forward to sleeping on my now firm mattress.

My little Cha Bu Khan had surgery 2 days ago and is doing well.  She did have some discomfort after the procedure and needed an extra shot for pain.  When I brought her home she moaned a few times and looked a little disoriented but soon settled down and slept the rest of the day.  Today she is back to her old self and chasing the cats around the house. 

She is still taking antibiotics for a bladder infection and I no longer am seeing blood in her urine so that is good.  However, she continues to potty on the rugs in my house.  I have puppy pads everywhere but she will walk right past them and go to the rugs.  I have removed the ones she has soiled and today she was outside in our backyard and instead of going on the grass she entered the porch and used a rug. 

Not sure why she has regressed in this potty behavior but will have to keep a close eye on her when she is walking around the house.  We do take a few daily walks outside and she will potty there but she drinks a lot of water and goes more frequently than my other dog.  Once she has healed and her health is back to normal I will expect her to use her puppy pads and may have to use a kennel to retrain her.

The good news is that she is winning the love and affection of the other pets in the house.  Xi Shi Quan will play with her and is more accepting of her now.  The cats are coming around and yesterday all were sleeping on the sofa together.   This makes me very happy. 

My 5 precious babies.

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