Bought a new, larger doggie bed at Petco for Xi Shi and now the little dog can have the smaller one.  Took them for a ride in the RV to see how they would do in the shared seat.

Cha Bu still wanted to get into the bed with Xi Shi.  I had to place her in the smaller bed several times before she got the idea that that was now her bed.  Xi really likes the larger bed and was ready to go... as always.

Nope... you can't fit.

She just can't be still.

Half in... half out...

Can I just keep this one leg in..... ?

OK... I get it.

Some of those beds are really expensive but I found this one for less than $20.00.

Hopefully we will be camping in a week or so.  That will be the big test to see if they will stay in each their own bed while I'm driving. 

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