My hair.

When I first started blogging back in June 2009 my hair was completely different to how it is now. It was kind of like this:

Short, bobbed and blonde with a bit of a side fringe. And I miss it dearly. I was blonde for about 6 years but my natural hair colour is a medium/dark brown. I took the plunge and went back to my roots, so to speak, at the beginning of this year as it was costing me a small fortune having my hair cut and coloured every month and quite frankly I could find better ways to use that money.

I have had my hair in all manner of ways over the past few years; 'pob'bed, bobbed, extensions, side fringe, full fringe, layers, inbetween, a variation of the above! And now it is just very long and very straight with a grown out full fringe that is slowly getting to a length where I can think about doing something with it.

It is fair to say it has grown a massive amount in the past year or so, and I have had lots of fun trying out treatments and such to keep it looking its best, such as this and this. I've also cut down on straightener use and, *hangs head in shame*, I have been going months and months between trims! I am well overdue for a hair cut and I think a bit of a tidy up on the ends and a side fringe would look nice and perhaps give it a bit more volume. Currently loving Zoe's amazing hair - it always looks so pretty!

I'll post some pictures as soon as I go for the chop!
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