TGI Saturday.

This week has been a really tough week only made better by the thought of spending the whole weekend with Jonathan and the Pugs. I'm so glad it's Saturday!

I have been busy making lists of all the house things that I need and so far I have bought kitchen things like a bin, bin bags, pans, cooking tools and a kettle. I wanted something ridiculously silly like this:

But I opted for a sensible one instead :)

I have been searching through some of my old favourites like Dotcomgiftshop, Bombay Duck and Emma Bridgewater. If any of you know of other similarly pretty interior websites do let me know! Not that I can afford to go mad, but it's nice to have a look.

What are you up to this weekend? After a quick trip to Meadowhall this morning we plan to take the dogs out on a nice long walk this afternoon, followed by an M&S 'Dine in for £10' tea, a lovely glass of wine, dvds and telly! Perfect.

Tomorrow we're going to play squash and then go to the cinema - followed by eating the leftover sweets that the trick of treaters didn't have!

Happy Saturday!
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