Woke up to sun shinning through my bedroom window and it turned out to be a perfectly georgeous day.  I rolled out my awning which I hadn't done in months and sat outside to enjoy my morning coffee.

Caiche' and Bunny watching a little bird on the picnic table.

My friend Pat came over this morning to take me to the boat dock for some fresh shrimp.  We first went over to his place and I helped him unload a sofa that he picked up for one of his rental properties.   Then we headed to the boat dock.

Xi Shi goes crazy when she sees Pat.  He has to pick her up and she makes these strange vocal sounds trying to communicate with him.  It's so strange to see her act that way with somebody besides me. 

There are 3 containers of shrimp of different sizes to choose from.  I bought 6 pounds of the largest ones.  I want to freeze a couple of pounds for my home freezer.  I boiled the rest this afternoon with onions, garlic, potatoes, and no corn because I forgot to buy some - and of course liquid crab and shrimp boil... liquid fire.  Love the stuff.

Pat came over and enjoyed some shrimp.  We had some wine and conversation and enjoyed the campfire.  What a great ending to a fun week at the beach.  Going home tomorrow.

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