The importance of pampering.

I used to pamper myself on a regular basis in my younger days when I had more disposable income. I particularly liked Espa facials, pedicures, spray tans and manicures. Now I'm a fan of pampering at home and saving my pennies instead, but recently I have been feeling the impact of working too hard, being stressed out a lot of the time, and taking far too much stuff on in one go.

I have been trying to take a step back and relax more (easier said than done!) but a few little bits of pampering have done wonders for how I feel on the inside and out.

I treated my hair to a trim (at an actual hairdressers and not just Jonathan having a go in the bathroom with some regular scissors..!) My ends tend to get quite split from the blonde that remains (it must be nearly grown out by now though) and I probably use the hairdryer and straighteners on them too much. I had a little bit trimmed off the ends and some long layers cut in. The hairdresser styled my hair using a mixture of a conical wand and straighteners to achieve loose curls and I absolutely loved it. I literally felt like a million dollars when I walked out of the salon (twas a shame about the rain and gale force winds that put a slightly dampener on things!)

I also got a manicure and gel polish done at a beauty salon which I was really pleased it. At first I didn't believe that a polish could be completely chip free, so initially I was quite careful and cautious not to do too much with my hands (plus it got me out of the housework..) But eventually I realised that they literally weren't going anywhere and it was so nice not having to worry about chipped off bits. Plus I really liked the colour that I chose.

My nails grow super fast so they didn't last too long (after just over a week I was dying to file my nails down shorter and have the bottom filled in) but I would definitely have this done for a special occasion.

How do you pamper yourself?
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