I'm still alive!

I haven't updated my blog in so long so I thought I had better let you all know that I'm still alive and well. The move went well, but we have been so busy moving boxes, painting, putting up wallpaper, cleaning, hanging pictures, and arranging delivery of a sofa, a bed, a fridge/freezer, etc etc. Busy busy!

We haven't got the internet set up at home yet as we need to wait for an engineer to come out to us, but we're hoping that will be next week at some point. I must admit though, it has made quite a refreshing change taking a break from the internet (apart from occasionally checking in using my phone).

My shops are both open again (links are in the sidebar>) and once I can update them I'll be adding some new charms.

I hope you're all as excited for Christmas as I am, and I look forward to being back in the blogging world very soon!
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