Slept well.  Got up around 8:00 and had coffee.  Got bundled up to take the dog for a walk.  When we got back from our walk I was pretty cold but then saw a guy riding his bike and it gave me the incentive to take mine out of the basement and go for a ride.  The tires needed inflating so I tried to find the air pump which took a while because there is so much stuff that was on top of it.  Finally found it and fixed the tires.  Tried to straighten out the basement which is still full of sand from Texas but I think I'll wait till I get back home for that job.  The ride was nice, even though the north wind was hard to ride against.  However, on the return the wind was at my back and the riding was smooth.  Then it was time for a late breakfast.

Was going to have a little computer time but my friend Pat came over and brought me some lunch - stuffed bell pepper and smothered potatoes.  Delicious.  We had a nice visit.  He's a really good friend. 

Then it was time for another walk on the beach.  It remained windy and cloudy all day but tomorrow the sun will shine and it will warm up a bit.  I postponed getting shrimp until the weather gets a little warmer because I want to cook them outside.

Took some photos but they are really dreary looking.  That does not reflect our mood though.  We're both happy to be here.

Supper is French Bread Pizza and beer.  Tonight's movie is "Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides."

Great day.  
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