A sneak peek (Woodhall Spa & Lincoln road trip).

Last Thursday and Friday Jonathan and I took a mini road trip to Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire and on our way home we popped into the centre of Lincoln. It was a great trip and we both fully adore Woodhall Spa now.  What a wonderful place. If you live there I'm certainly very jealous.

The great thing was it didn't take long to get there at all so we had plenty of time to see the things we had on our list, and thanks to the recommendations of the people we stayed with we saw a few extra things too.

I've got plenty of photos to share with you but in the meantime here's a video I put together. I hope you enjoy it!

Woodhall Spa/Lincoln road trip. from Victoria Jackson on Vimeo.

(The music is from The Artist soundtrack. If you haven't seen this film I suggest you go. Immediately!)
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