Legally Blonde: The Musical (& my new clutch bag!)

Last Friday my friend Katy and I went to watch Legally Blonde: The Musical at The Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield. It was a late birthday celebration for me but we booked the tickets so long ago we almost forgot we had them!

It was a great show with the part of Elle being played by the understudy who (with a blonde wig on) looked just like Reese Witherspoon. Ray Quinn and Les Dennis were the familiar faces but the whole cast were great. It was rather cheesy and some songs weren't as catchy as others, but the main songs made up for it. I have even caught Jonathan singing one of the songs that I haven't been able to get out of my head, and he didn't even go!

I have been looking for a new smart/'going out' bag for a while. One big enough to hold all of the essentials but not too big. And I'm partial to a clutch bag. So, when the Freestyle big clutch by Friis & Company caught my eye I popped it in my basket with my latest ambassador code on Sarenza and it arrived just in time to accompany me to the theatre.

Clutch bag c/o Sarenza

I really do love it. It is leather so it smells amazing, will last for ages and as it's black no doubt it will go with everything, both smart and casual. There's absolutely loads of room inside for the array of items I like to carry round with me.

Have you seen Legally Blonde: The Musical? Thoughts?

Do you carry your life around in your handbag like me?

Have a great weekend everyone!
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