It was really cold last night. Got into the 20s. I stayed nice and warm with my little electric fireplace in the bedroom. This morning I took the dog for her walk and we wound up near the river. Boy is it nice in that section of the park. I was very surprised and my impression of the park changed. I would definitely return here if I made sure I got certain spots. My favorite is # 77 facing the Tchefuncte River.  Next favorites are #76 and #61.

Look Momi... some water!!!

Come on Momi, follow me.

I returned to the office and paid for another night and requested to change sites. I was given several choices but the one I wanted was not available. I took the one next to it which does give me a view of the river. As soon as I hooked up I could hear boats nearby. It was a Mardi Gras River Parade. I grabbed the dog and the camera and ran to the river but didn’t get very many good shots.

On the way there I met my neighbors who are from Nova Scotia. Had a nice chat and told them I had been there in the 1980s and would love to return someday. They have two beautiful little Shelties and Xi Shi wanted to follow them everywhere.

Xi Shi and I took a walk down one of the nature trails via the boardwalk and I kept my eyes out for any gators but didn’t see any.

Taken from the river.  I'm in the center of the shot.

I was hoping she wouldn't jump in.  She loves to go swimming.

Walked over to the boat launch and then back to the campsite. Had a late lunch and downloaded the photos. This area reminds me of where I was raised. Lots of swampy area and cypress trees and palmettoes. I would love to do some fishing but didn’t purchase a license. I’ll do that before my next trip. Not sure if I want to stay another few days or not. I’ll make that decision tomorrow.

Having shrimp for supper.  Brought from home frozen.
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