Last night here in Bogue Chitto was really freaky.  Since I'm here virtually alone in one half of the park, I felt a little creeped out by it all.  It was soooo dark I could barely see where to walk the dog.  I put on my porch light and my flood light in the back of my coach and that helped.  However, even Xi Shi felt the eeriness
and refused to walk around the site.  She'd just stop and look at me then I'd say let's go and she'd walk a little ways and then stop and look around.  At one point we heard a noise in the woods and she started barking.  I calmed her down and waited for her to potty but she never did so we went back inside.  The ranger rode by our road a few times up until around 9:00pm and then we were on our own.  There was an alligator croaking right by our deck.  When I'd go to look it would stop.

Slept well and woke about 7:00.  Took the dog for a walk around the pond and took more photos of our campsite from across the water.  It was really foggy this morning so the photos are not as nice as they could have been if it were sunny.  I did return this afternoon when the sun came out for about an hour and took a few more shots.

This is a nice site right across the pond from me.

Even the bathhouse has a deck.

I made it to the Bogue Chitto River and RV Beach area.  Xi Shi went wild when she saw the sand.  She started running ahead of me and you could see her happiness as she ran down the paths to the river.  When she got there it was a little disappointing because the water is about 10 feet below the sand we were standing on.  She just stood there and looked at it for a minute then turned around and ran some more in the sand.

Beach access bridge.

Bogue Chitto River

I checked out site 119 which the ranger had recommended and it's just perfect for me.  There is sand all around it instead of rock which hurt little doggie feet.  I would stay in #119 next time.  There is also #121 which faces a winding creek which I like.  It also has sand.   We headed back to our site as it started to drizzle. 

Love this site.  Notice my nearest neighbor who also has his very own pond.

This site has no deck but a creek running behind it.

Took a nap and later sat out on the deck and chilled.  The park rangers stopped by to inform me that there is a chance of flash flooding tonight with a line of thunderstorms coming our way.  They said I could stay or move up to the highlands.  They were pretty sure I wouldn't flood tonight but if I felt I should move during the night to go ahead and let them know in the morning.

While they were here we saw a baby alligator swimming right in front of my deck.  Then off to the right were two deer running in the road.  The rangers stated that it was their way of reacting to bad weather coming.

After they left I unhooked the water but left the electric plugged in.  It's easier to unhook if I need to in a hurry.  I'll stay where I am for now.  If I have to move during the night I will.  I plan on leaving early in the morning and head for home.

Alligator about 3 or 4 feet long.

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