Mini egg Rocky Road.

I adore Rocky Road. What's not to love about it. You can whip some up in minutes, there's no baking involved and after a short blast in the fridge it's ready to eat. I've made quite a few batches now and at first I stuck rigidly to recipes which always turned out okay but never perfect. So as a little treat for Jonathan, and because he loves mini eggs so much (see my mini egg cupcakes and cookies here) I thought I'd make a batch of mini egg rocky road. I didn't use a recipe at all, just a little imagination.

Previous recipes I have used included butter, sugar, golden syrup and other such additions to the melted chocolate mix. I decided to omit these things as I find the butter stops the mixture from setting to a chocolate bar consistency, and lets face it - it doesn't need any more sugar!

I used:

3 bars of Sainsbury's own milk chocolate
Fudge bars
Biscuits (I used hobnobs but any will do!)
Mini eggs

I melted the chocolate in a bowl resting on a pan of boiling water and whilst that was slowly melting I chopped up my goodies. Once the chocolate was fully melted I slowly added my bits and pieces (apart from the mini eggs) until I had enough in there. Don't overload your mixture too soon otherwise your rocky road may end up a bit too rocky.

I transferred my mixture onto some greaseproof paper in a bowl and then pushed mini eggs into the mixture so that they were visible. After a few hours in the fridge they were good to go! I cut them into bitesize pieces and then we proceeded to eat them all within 24 hours. Yum!

What do you put in yours?
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