This morning, before leaving Fontainebleau State Park, I took a walk around to take photos of some of my favorite sites. I think I found my ideal spot. It’s space #97. I still like space #3 because it is close to the action but number 97 is really secluded.

I really like these pull throughs.

The picnic table is in the woods.

I'd love to know what he paid for that custom paint job of purple and gold.
This morning while pulling out of my site, I hit a tree. My only exit was a one way which turned onto the main one way road out of the park. I could tell that I was going to have trouble getting onto that road but figured if I just pulled up a little then backed up a little and repeated that until I got onto the road everything would be OK. Well, after a couple of times I thought I had the clearance and proceeded forward when I heard "crunch." I looked in my side mirror and could see that I had scraped a tree and was up against it. I put it in reverse and backed away then headed out to the dump station.

The tree on the one side and the stop sign on the other made it a tight left turn out of there.

Got out to take a look and it was heart breaking for me. Two compartment doors were bent and the bottom of the coach had paint scraped off. There was tree bark embedded into the door trim which I had to get out with a knife. The locks were twisted and I had trouble getting the doors open. I just wanted to cry. I sprayed some cleaning solution and wiped it clean. Some of the brown streaks did come off but the scratches were still there and the coach frame under the doors was bent inward.

The irony of that word on the damaged door is not so groovy.

I dumped the tanks and headed for my next park. I tried telling myself that I could get it all fixed like new but that didn’t make me feel any better. I’m always so careful not to hit anything. How could this happen?

Before exiting the park, I took a ride to the area where the cabins are located and was not impressed. I would prefer to stay in the RV park. Rode back to the beach area and walked on the sand. Wasn’t barefooted but that’s OK. The temp this morning was 45 degrees and I had my big furry boots on.


My next destination was only minutes from where I was. Got to the Fairview-Riverside State Park and there were only 5 openings left. I took the one next to the office and paid for only one night. This part of the campground has very small spaces right close to each other. My picnic table is behind my neighbor’s rig. That’s sad.

The area around the boat dock is where I was hoping to park but those are the spots that are first taken. This afternoon I took a walk around my section of the park and found some pretty areas.

You can see the water in the background.

When I leave tomorrow I will ride to the river and take some photos. There is one spot next to me that is on a corner and has a large area. If I were to return here I would make reservations for space #1 in the woods or #77 by the water.
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