New handbag alert!

I forgot all about showing you my new handbag. Life has been running away with itself lately but let's get our priorities straight and talk about handbags for a minute. 

I ordered a Mellow Yellow bag called Margot recently with one of my ambassador vouchers (c/o Sarenza) which is half taupe and half black with a pop of colour in the shape of a yellow pom pom. It instantly caught my eye and is very "me" as far as bags go.

I tend to be an all or nothing girl when it comes to bags so once I get a new one I use it day in, day out until it starts to look tired. If I swapped handbags all the time I'd no doubt end up leaving something important behind in the old one!

I have used it every day since it arrived a few weeks ago and as each day has gone by it has swallowed up yet another item I probably don't need to carry round with me (hello bad back!) I do love it though. It is so roomy with plenty of room for the essentials (and the rest!) plus the material is really soft and feels very luxurious. I'm not normally one for fancy bags but this one is a nice halfway point between casual and fancy.

It goes with everything; my work clothes which usually consists of a dress and cardigan or black trousers and a blouse with my smart coat but it's also perfect for my more casual weekend outfits.

Do you carry everything but the kitchen sink round with you? I am terrible for it!

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