Whoopie pies and waterproof coats.

It is so.bloody.cold outside now! We went for a short stroll yesterday sans gloves and I couldn't grip the steering wheel properly on the way back. Lesson learned. Gloves are now required at all times when leaving the house.

Any fellow Pug owners will know they're not so good in extreme temperatures so I kind of dread this time of year a) because I'm not a fan of the cold/snow/sludge/rain myself and b) because it makes my little ones shivery and cold. I've started to dig out their jumpers and waterproofs ready for the cold months ahead.

Lily volunteered to model one of Lola's waterproof jackets yesterday which is a bit too long for her. Damn Pugs and their awkward body shapes! :)

After our morning out on Saturday and a play in the garden with L&L we had a cup of tea and half a whoopie pie each before relaxing indoors for the afternoon. In the evening we made an incredible tea inspired by a recipe I had seen on this blog earlier in the day. We had fresh pasta with roasted veg (butternut squash, peppers, onion, etc) with creme fraiche and all sorts of other things (I say this in a vague manner as Jonathan made it, not me). It was so tasty but our portions were HUGE so it was a case of death by pasta, made worse by the garlic bread we had with it ;)

The cupcake we bought for after tea was a distant memory as we were too full to move but it was polished off yesterday instead. Anything with copious amounts of peanut butter on top and inside can only ever be a good thing...

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!
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