Garnier Pure Active moisturiser & The Body Shop Seaweed range

As I blogged about here, I was sent some products from the Garnier Pure Active range and I tried them all out.

The range worked really well for my skin for quite a while and my skin was relatively blemish free and generally looked/felt really good.

But.. my skin gradually started to go back to its usual ways and the routine stopped being as effective.

After attending the event for The Body Shop I decided to try out the Seaweed range which I was given and I have been using it all (cleanser, toner, face wash and face mask) apart from the moisturiser which I tried a couple of times and didn't really like.

After 2 weeks of using the Garnier Pure Active moisturiser day and night, alongside my routine with the Seaweed range from The Body Shop, I am seeing and feeling really good results! I love the way the moisturiser sinks right into my skin and it is fine to use on a morning before makeup. It has really improved the appearance of my skin.

I particularly like the Seaweed mask which scared me the first time I used it because it made my face tingle and sting like crazy, but it leaves my skin feeling really smooth and clean after I use it.

I am going to continue using the Seaweed range and the Garnier moisturiser and I will report back in a few weeks time!

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