Good customer service/bad customer service

The good... Lush

I love visiting the Lush store in Leeds. The last time I visited was a couple of weeks ago, and there was a chap handing out free samples outside the store. I got my hands on a little pot of moisturiser which I was really pleased about.

Once inside I fancied having a browse and didn't really need any help. I was approached almost immediately and promptly left alone when I said I was just having a browse.

I fancied trying out one of the facial soap bars and decided I did need some help after all! I looked around and there were at least 3 free people so I asked the nearest lady to help me.

She was so helpful and informative. She asked me lots of questions about my skin and then advised me on the best product. She had tried this particular product herself and told me what she thought of it, and she knew nearly every single ingredient off by heart and what each ingredient could do for my skin. I was very impressed.

I said I wasn't sure how my skin would react so she offered to give me a small slice of the soap to try for free. That way I could purchase it if it worked well for me.

She told me to pop back in and let them know how it worked for me.

I didn't buy anything but I was still made to feel like a valued customer and I left feeling very happy with my 2 samples, which of course I would purchase if I liked them.

The bad... MAC

I visited the MAC counter in Harvey Nichols in Leeds a couple of days ago as I wanted to pick out a couple of lipsticks to put on my Christmas list.

I tried a couple out on my hand and decided I really really liked one of the colours on my hand.. but I couldn't remember the name of the lipstick!

I spent the next 10 minutes swatching every single lipstick again that I thought it could be but none matched. I should point out by this point not one single person had approached me to ask if I needed help or even to say 'hi'.

I tried to catch someones eye but no, they were either with a customer or wandering about trying to look busy.

I decided to have another go at trying to figure it out for myself, as I really wanted this lipstick and I had convinced myself I was going to buy it there and then. All I needed was a member of staff to help me!

I had one last go at standing by the lipstick stand and looking at every staff member to indicate that I needed some help.

Nope.. nothing..

So I left, empty handed.

This isn't the first time I have tried to buy something at MAC and not been given the time of day.

This is the reason why I only own one MAC item.

What are your experiences with both of these brands?

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