Lee Stafford: Matt Fat powder

I am always on the look out for hair products that I haven't tried before. When I saw Hele produce a little pink pot from her handbag recently I was intrigued and it turned out it was this! Lee Stafford's Matt Fat powder.

It was £8.99 which seems quite a lot for this tiny little pot but I really wanted to try it. I must also point out that when I got home I realised it was only half full, so I went back to Boots to swap it but it turns out the other 10 on the shelf were all the same! It is meant to be half full! Quite disappointing.

It is a powder designed to give more volume to the root and can also absorb excess oil too. All you have to do is shake a little bit of powder into your roots, salt shaker style, and use your fingers to create the desired effect.

The first time I used this, I used a lot. And when I touched my roots I nearly died. It felt reeeeally dry! When I tried to achieve some volume I ended up with a birds nest at the top and sleek hair the rest of the way. I don't think that look is going to catch on :)

Since then I have got used to how much I need and how to get the desired effect. This product is great for giving me a little bit of lift at the root, as I don't like to have too much volume.

I have yet to find a dry shampoo that I like so this product will also be good for when my roots feel a tad greasy.

Have you tried this or anything similar?

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