Bah humbug.

I'm sorry snow lovers but I officially hate the stuff! I drive a ridiculous car (say hello to my new little Smart car by the way!) which, if it's anything like my last one, will be rubbish in the snow. Luckily I drove over to Jonathan's house last night instead of this morning. Good call! It started snowing heavily at about 11pm last night and it has well and truly settled. My car will be staying put until the little side roads have melted a bit.

I may need to invest in some dog booties.. Lily and Lola can't bear to walk on the snow. It makes their little tootsies freezing cold. They're snug as a bug pug on a rug now though.

Today we are going to make a beef stew, watch some Christmas films (Elf!), drink cups of tea followed by wine later, and snuggle under a duvet. Then copious amounts of biscuits will be consumed.

What are your plans for today? Any snow where you are? Love it or loathe it?
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