Snow day summary.

Today is a snow day for me. I've been stuck in Rotherham at Jonathan's house since I came over on Friday night because my diddy car isn't equipped to get me home. We set off to work this morning with another chap from our work to make the journey to Wakefield (about an hour away) and after several attempts to get up a hill, down an icy street, and round a slippy bend we decided to head home. The snow got heavier and we were glad to get home and get the kettle on!

I can't take the Pugs for a walk because the snow is deeper than their legs are long! I've perched their bed next to my feet by the radiator in an attempt to warm them up. I'm sat in a massive hoodie and a big woolly scarf and so far today I've had 4 cups of piping hot tea. Go away snow! I would rather be at work! Hopefully tomorrow's attempt to get there will be more successful.

To cheer me up, and because I've not done one for a while, here are my 5 good things:

1. A week on Thursday we're going to Paris for 4 nights! (weather permitting, of course). I'm so excited! Let's just hope the runway is clear enough to take off! :)

2. I made a start on my Crimbo shopping at the weekend, plus I did a little bit online too. I just need some pretty wrapping paper and a few other bits then I'm done. I love Christmas shopping - not so keen on the crowds though.

3. I have a big toffee cheesecake in the fridge, with my name on it.

4. Things are still going wonderfully well with Jonathan and it's fair to say I'm a very happy lady.

5. Tomorrow is 1 December which means Christmas is almost here!! Well, it means you can start opening your advent calendar (mine is a Peppa Pig one) so the countdown can begin at least!

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