Opened my awning today to clean it and noticed that there was a tear on the left side near the roof.  Got my repair tape and cleaning cloths and climbed up onto the roof.  This is only the second time I have been up there and it wasn't as scary as the first time.

I got on my stomach and reached down over the edge of the roof to inspect the area.  My coach is only 3 years old yet it appears that this area of the awning has dry rot and is cracking open.  I cleaned the dirt off and dried with a towel then began to place the repair tape over the area.  Placed two layers of tape and covered a large area (about 8 inches) aound the tear.

While I was up there I cleaned the front of the coach where the lights are.  I can never reach that area when I wash the coach so this was a good time to do so.  I inspected my TV antennae and it looked intact.  I can never catch any stations and always think it is due to the antennae but is more than likely the cheap TV that came with the coach.

Not sure how long this awning will last but replacing it will be a huge expense for me.  I don't have a cover for the coach and know that the harsh sunlight bearing down on it all day is going to make the situation worse.  I was thinking of getting a carport cover and now I guess that I'll have to look into that as a way of protecting the coach from the sun while it is in my driveway.  I may also get an awning cover.  All of this could cost between $3,000 to $4,000.  It's never ending. 
I'm thinking about something like this.
My neighbors thought I was insane when they noticed me up on the roof but didn't say anything to me.  Didn't bring the camera up there so no photos... but trust me, it wasn't a pretty picture. 
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