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Jonathan and I listen to Radio 2 every morning on the way to work (coz that's how we roll) and a song has been catching my ear for a while now. After some investigation that song is Kissing You Goodbye by The Pierces. I have since obtained the album and have been listening to it on repeat this morning and it is pretty damn good.

I took Lily and Lola on a walk yesterday evening when a lady pulled her car over next to us and came running over. I thought "hang on a minute, what's going on 'ere!" but it turns out she lives a couple of minutes away from us and has a boy Pug named Elvis. She was so excited to see my little Pugs and thought they were so dinky and cute compared to her chunky Elvis (I have spotted her husband walking him and he certainly is a chunk-ster!) She fussed over Lily and Lola for ages while they barked at her and licked her. They have rather smelly breath so I hope she washed her hands afterwards! :) When we got back they were all worn out after making a new friend and cuddled in various positions all evening...

I am excited to have episodes of New Girl lined up to watch this week. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see Zooey D in the trailer wearing glasses similar to mine. Yes I love her far too much, but I can't help it. She is perfection!

Picture via Google images

In other news, yesterday I added buddha charms, cupcake charms and horseshoes to my shop! And if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that if you retweet my giveaway tweet before 5pm today you could win a friendship bracelet of your choice! I'm feeling generous today :)

Good luck! There is roast dinner to be eaten so I bid you adieu and wish you all a lovely Sunday.
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