Double Decker rocky road.

While Jonathan was away over the weekend playing badminton for 29 hours in a bid to break a Guiness World Record I kept myself busy doing a bit of shopping, crafts and baking. I say baking, no actual baking was required for this yumminess. I wanted to make something quick and easy, but something Jonathan would like as a "well bloody done!" for doing something so brilliant. As Double Deckers are one of his favourite chocolate bars I decided to give Double Decker rocky road a whirl, throw in a few different ingredients and see what happened!

I used a pretty standard recipe from the t'internet for the base using plain chocolate, Golden Syrup, unsalted butter, and caster sugar. I think I would use milk chocolate in future though.

I chopped up a couple of Double Deckers, broke marshmallows and plain digestive biscuits into chunky pieces and added them to my cooled melted chocolate mix. A good stir later and the mixture was popped into a container on a sheet of baking paper, and left in the fridge overnight to set.

Voila! Once I had cut them up and added a sprinkle of icing sugar they were ready to eat. Jonathan loved his rocky road surprise plus they tasted pretty great if I do say so myself (they would be even better with milk chocolate though I think). 

I didn't make a huge batch of these but I did cut them into bite size pieces to last us a little bit longer. They lasted a few days (it's too tempting to have 2 or 3 bitesize pieces in one go that's the problem!) and the last few were the tastiest.

What would you add to your rocky road mix? I am tempted to make another batch!
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