My first Graze box.

I first heard about Graze boxes a while ago but I didn't hop on the bandwagon. I didn't have the spare income, and treats like this were few and far between. Fast forward a few months and I decided to give Graze boxes a try as I think they're a great idea, especially as I used a code from Fiona to get my first box free. Plus when I entered the code it turns out I get my 5th box free too (psst, use my code HDTKYQF to bag yourself some freebies!)

I think the website is brilliant. The way you can 'bin' foods you don't like to avoid ever receiving them (bye-bye olives) and give a thumbs up to the foods you do like the look of is brilliant and saves any disappointment further down the line. I also like the surprise element of not knowing what will arrive. The fact the box fits perfectly through the letterbox is also a great plus, as was my first box arriving dead on the day it was supposed to (always a plus when the post service works!)

My first box contained:

Copacabana: brazil nuts, dark chocolate buttons and milk chocolate buttons. My verdict = yum! I love brazil nuts as they're quite meaty as nuts go, and quite filling. Giant milk chocolate buttons can only ever be a good thing and I don't often have dark chocolate so it made a nice change. These were eaten within 10 minutes of receiving my box through the door *oops*

The Beach: banana coins, mango and pineapple pieces. I found these so-so. I would eat them again if I received them but I could live without.

Orange and ginger flapjack: As flapjacks go this was quite tasty. I'm not a huge ginger fan so I'd be interested in trying a different variety of flapjack, however Jonathan (not normally a flapjack fan at all) enjoyed his piece *yes I shared!* very much so and raved about it.

Oven roasted cashews: I could have eaten these all day had I had a bigger box of them. Completely moreish and very yummy!

I am definitely going to continue with my Graze membership to try a few more boxes. Snacks like this are ideal to keep in the cupboard or in your drawer at work. I am not sure if receiving the boxes will be a novelty and eventually wear off, but I'll certainly give a few more a go, if only to try the delicious looking grub I have spotted on the website! Give a box a try for free if you like the sound of it. Just enter my code - HDTKYQF 

Happy munching!
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