Paid off my motorhome today.  Mailed a certified check for the balance.  Should get the title in a week or two.  What a relief that is. 

Went to Best Buy to see if I could get someone to fix my cell phone.  It's so old and old fashioned and sometimes would not come on and when it did the screen was scrambled.  So I thought of getting another like it for free from AT&T.  I didn't like the choices I had so I asked to look at iPhones.  Big mistake.  I saw what I wanted right away.  It is a white iPhone 4. 

When I was informed that it was not time for me to get an upgrade and therefore I would have to pay for this phone - I had to think about it for a minute.  That's a lot of money and I don't use my phone much... etc.  Then I asked about the camera.  That is one thing I would use.  How many megapixels did you say?  Eight?  OK, I'll take it.  I opted for the cheapest package at $15 a month.  So for $434.00 I now have upgraded to the almost latest cell phone.  I'm happy. 

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