5 good things.

Hands up who enjoyed their extra hour in bed on Saturday night? I did! It was lovely getting up early on Sunday but still feeling refreshed. Although the dark nights are going to take some getting used to.

I had an ever so productive weekend as I was home alone due to Jonathan being in Belfast to watch some ice hockey matches. I spent all day Saturday in my pjs with the heating cranked up doing various jobs that I'd been wanting to do for a while. I tell a lie, I did briefly get dressed to take the dogs out for a walk ;)

Ugg Australia Dylyn boots c/o Sarenza

Aside from being very warm and cosy I spent hours and hours (and hours!) organising my cross stitching thread which was satisfying but took so bloody long. I started off with a big mound of tangled thread which had been driving me mad for ages so I ordered a storage box like this one (via Ebay) and got to work having a good sort out. It is now so neat and organised, ready to finish all my half finished projects. I also had a good sort through my bead/charm stash to get organised for (hopefully!) a few extra orders over the Christmas period.

I listened to old fuddy-duddy songs on the radio, ate cereal for lunch, watched crap telly and snuggled up with L&L to do some cross stitching. It was all very nice indeed.

I thought I would do a catch up/5 good things post as I haven't updated you on my current happenings in a while and they always leave me feeling nice and positive.

1) The sudden cold spell. I love it when the winter coat and big boots can make an appearance again and the countdown to you-know-what begins.

2) My new boots, the Classic Short Dylyn pair by Ugg (c/o Sarenza). I already have far too many pairs of Ugg boots but I fell in love with these when I spotted them as they're a little bit different to my others with their buckle detail and chestnut colour. They're so comfortable and fit really nicely. Now that the weather is turning colder they can start to make more of an appearance to keep my feet warm.

I wore them yesterday afternoon with an equally cosy cardigan when Jonathan came home and we popped out to see his Mum and Dad. Perfect Sunday comfy outfit!

Ugg Australia Dylyn boots c/o Sarenza

3) Raw chocolate from Ailey Mae on Etsy. I'm starting to become a bit of a regular over there, recently ordering a bundle trying out the mint flavour for the first time, which has now overtaken Rose & Pistachio to be my favourite. It's the best raw chocolate I have tried and the service is always fantastic (and quick!). I must order some more mint ones! *drool*

4) All the exciting blog posts I've got to write up. I've had some good ideas for festive blog posts so I hope you'll stop by to read those (don't worry, I'll wait until October is done and dusted first). I've also got a list as long as my arm of things I need to make as presents and to decorate our home with so perhaps top of my Christmas list this year will be more hours in a day!

5) Rediscovering my love for reading and blasting through a good few books over the last couple of weeks. I have discovered Paige Toon whose books are BRILLIANT. If you're a fan of "chick lit" books you have to give Lucy in the Sky or Pictures of Lily a go. I promise you will love them!

That's all for now folks. Back soon :)
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