I have a confession to make: I'm not normally a fan of Halloween. I'm too scared to open the door as the masks scare me and I'm generally a bit of a wuss. I also confess to pretending to be out one year, complete with lights out, as I was home alone and didn't want to answer the door... #halloweenscrooge

The solution to this was answered when Ladbrokes offered to send me a Halloween Scary Night In Pack to celebrate Halloween itself and their Trick or Treat slot game. (I'm sure I don't need to tell you to gamble responsibly folks!)

The pack was brilliant - stuffed full of everything we needed for our scary night in: dvds (been dying to see The Woman in Black! However the film IT is one of my other phobias haha), sweets, chocolates, masks, a blanket and all sorts of other little bits. Oh and how could I forget, a popcorn machine and some popcorn to pop!

So last night was our Halloween night in and it was brilliant. My aforementioned phobia of Halloween masks came into full force when Jonathan donned his mask complete with goggly eyeballs and a grey ponytail and chased me round the room with it. Once I got over the trauma it was a real chuckle being silly in our masks and tucking into our sweets.

I didn't quite get the hang of positioning my mask correctly in order to see out of it.. haha
I gave the popcorn machine a whirl and it may as well have been magic judging by my reaction ("oh my god, popcorn is coming out!!") I have a feeling we will be having popcorn on a regular basis until the novelty wears off.

Now this is my kind of Halloween! :)

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