Our trip to Tenerife (part 2).

How is it that once you get home from a holiday it suddenly seems like it was forever ago and as though it never happened? This only means one thing: start planning the next one!

Two weeks ago today we were on the plane flying home but it feels like two months ago. The one positive I can find is that it's not absolutely throwing it down with rain like it was two weeks ago.

As I took so many photos I wanted to share a few more with you (if you missed the first post it's here). I'm a real nosy parker and love to look at other people's holiday snaps, so if you've posted any lately you'll have to let me know. There will probably be a third blog post too. Sorry! I am always a bit too snap happy, especially when I discovered the "sunset mode" on my camera while we were away. The sunsets were so beautiful so it was great to capture them in photos.

I rediscovered my love for reading whilst we were away. I had a bit of a shaky start as the book I started reading first was tripe, but I managed to finish it and then ended up at the supermarket a couple of times to buy more books to keep me going, reading a book a day by the end! Once I have peace and quiet I can really get into a book especially if it's a good'un.

I have been reading quite a lot since we got home too so a Kindle has gone to the top of my Christmas list. I never thought I'd go over to the dark side but it would be so handy for taking on holiday and to work (for my lunch breaks). I won't give up 'proper' books though, not just yet.

The only negative point about our holiday was the selection of food on offer. As a vegetarian I struggled to find anything to eat. I spent a whole week eating vegetable paella and cheese pizza, and by the end of the holiday I'm pretty sure I had a carb addiction from all the bread rolls I ate before our dinner came out! Jonathan was in his element though, with the massive array of fish dishes to choose from. I guess it's my own fault for being awkward!

I can't remember if I've mentioned it already but we took hand luggage only, as we only needed a handful of outfits, something to swim in, toiletries, etc. We took mini sized toiletries and saved space by buying our beach towels when we arrived. I thought it would be a nightmare trying to fit everything in that I wanted to take but it was absolutely fine. We had a piece of hand luggage each and even after our clothes, shoes, toiletries, camera, various adaptors/chargers, and books went in we still had a bit of room to spare. As we flew with a budget airline we not only saved money by not taking a suitcase, but we also saved on time as we didn't have to wait by the carousel for our luggage to turn up and the amount of washing to do post-holiday was minimal. Result!

Part 3 (the final lot of photos - promise!) will be up soon.

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