Horses for courses.

I have been a bit MIA on here recently haven't I? Apologies. It is probably a mixture of being too tired from work and being ever so slightly lazy. But as it's Sunday and I've had a lie-in two days in a row I'm feeling much more energetic and hoping to have a productive day.

What have I been up to the last couple of weeks? Yesterday my friend and I took a trip to Fancie on Sharrowvale Road in Sheffield and had a cupcake and a mammoth cup of hot chocolate which left us both feeling like we needed a nap! Whilst on Sharrowvale Road we went into a few of the shops down there for a browse before heading home to our other halves who were cooking for us (risotto, and it was yummy!)

Last weekend an old friend of Jonathan's came to stay with us with his girlfriend. They were both lovely and we had a great time apart from we went bowling and no matter who I go bowling with I always lose. We went to Cubanas in Sheffield for our tea, completely over ordered and then spent all evening determined to finish every last bite. To say I was full was an understatement, and I didn't have any meat dishes!

Anyway, I took some photos a few weeks back and completely forgot to share them with you but basically I wanted to share my new jumper with you. That's as exciting as it gets folks!

A couple of months ago I took a trip to Meadowhall to buy some work clothes but didn't find anything I liked apart from a couple of things in H&M which fell apart (literally - they were disintegrating in front of my eyes!) as I was in the changing rooms so I gave up and popped to M&S, probably to get some Percy Pigs knowing me. On my way out I spotted a rail of jumpers which looked and felt so soft, and came in an array of colours and patterns. To cheer myself up I bought the horse print version which was just under £30 but I figured it would last as M&S is good quality stuff.

Once the weather started to turn colder it got its first outing and I have worn it about a million times since . It's so soft and cosy. I wish I had bought another one!

It's one of my favourite things to wear at the moment, paired with jeans and (if it's not raining) my star print pumps from Anniel (c/o Sarenza). I find it much easier to dress for colder weather and love it when my faithful Ugg boots get to make an appearance.

Anniel pumps c/o Sarenza

I need to get my backside in gear as I've got one last lot of holiday photos to share with you, and as we have been back for 4 weeks it's probably about time I got those up on the blog. Apart from that I'm gearing up for Christmas (sorry!) so I have a few festive blog posts lined up for Christmas present ideas and crafty bits and bobs.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

P.S. Jonathan wanted to share his new shoes which are by the brand The Cassette (c/o Sarenza). I'm sure you will agree he looks very dashing :)

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