Las Vegas: part 5 - the wedding (& some photos of the ceremony).

The last time I was a bridesmaid I was about 7 years old and I definitely don't remember being nervous in any way, shape or form. Fast forward a few 20 years and I was incredibly nervous to be a bridesmaid again for my Sister. I think Adele found it quite funny that I was so scared!

The wedding itself took place at 5pm but getting ready was an all day event starting off with some pampering in the morning and a hair appointment for an up-do. My Sister wanted me to have a french pleat which is very simple and sophisticated. It looked great with the clips that Jonathan's Sister had kindly offered to lend me. The clips were perfect and the hairdresser ended up using all three, so my hair looked very fancy indeed.

My dress was from a bridal store owned by a friend of the Grooms Mum and my shoes were Vivienne Westwood Anglomania/Melissa heels. I thought I may wear them for my own wedding as they're so pretty but oh no, no, no. They win the prize for the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn and my right foot has the marks to prove it. Such a shame! They are very beautiful though and always get so many compliments when people see them.

Walking through the hotel with my Sister in her wedding dress and the rest of us in our wedding attire while people go about their normal business (i.e. gambling and such) was such a unique experience. My Sister was congratulated and cheered/clapped as we made our way down through the Bellagio towards the terrace.

The ceremony itself was really beautiful, with the bride, groom, best man, best woman (me!) and parents on the lower part of the terrace and all of the friends/family watching from the balcony section just above. As the happy couple had their first kiss as husband and wife the fountains began in the background and it was wonderful.

We stayed on the terrace for photos, champagne and cake before we climbed aboard our party bus for a trip to the sign! This was a chance for the speeches to take place and oh my, we were in fits of giggles. The speech by the best man was particularly funny.

We had dinner at Mon Ami Gabi where the food was out of this world. We had our own section at one end of the restuarant as there were quite a few of us.  There were some cute touches like the place settings and the two caricature artists who drew caricatures for all of the guests. Jonathan and I were very impressed by this idea (we might steal it for our wedding!) and were very pleased to get caricatures to display in our home. I'll share some photos of the meal onwards soon, once they're ready.

After lots of lovely food, drink and chatter we made our way back to the Bellagio where the guests made their way to bed after a wonderful day.

Congratulations Adele and Steve! x
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