My latest project: cross stitched wedding scrapbook.

I wanted to make my Sister and her new husband a present in addition to the wedding gifts we bought them. Just a little something handmade and special for them to keep.

I actually ordered the thread for this quite some time ago then chickened out as the stitch time on the pattern scared me a little.. but one day I bit the bullet and decided to make a start.

Slowly but surely the pattern came together over the weeks that followed. I had to keep picking it up and putting it down inbetween other projects as it was a little fiddly to follow, but hoorah - I finished it and it is now over on the Isle of Man for my Sister to fill with keepsakes and photos from the wedding and the trip to Vegas.

Jonathan and I have a scrapbook and they're such a great idea. We have kept literally everything from everywhere we've been and stayed and eaten. They will be great memories to look back on when we're old and wrinkly.

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