My name in lights.

I was so happy on Friday evening to discover that one of my cross stitch projects (this one here) made it into the new issue of Cross Stitcher magazine. I emailed them a few weeks ago thinking they probably wouldn't pick me but it was worth a shot. Then hey presto, I get a tweet from a fellow blogger who had received their issue asking if it was me.

My issue arrived yesterday and I got to see it for myself. It's rather exciting. Perhaps this is my 15 minutes of fame?! ;)

It's a really good issue but oh boy, next month looks like a cracker. I better clear some space in my schedule!

I am working on my own designs at the moment and I can't wait to share them with you. They're all rather silly and tongue-in-cheek but I'm also working on a design for my Sister so I'm hoping to have a few finished designs stitched up very soon. A mixture of silly and sensible I suppose.

P.S. If you haven't voted for a blog(s) in the Cosmo Awards 2012 yet you must! Give your favourite read the chance to be nominated for an award. Oh and if your favourite is me then I love you and you can vote for me in the Best Lifestyle blog category. Thank you!

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