5 good things.

It has been a while since I did a "5 good things" post. I used to always do them in a Monday Summary but from now on I'm going to do them whenever I have 5 new good things to tell you about, which I'm hoping will be quite regularly over the next few months as we are going to be rather busy!

1) On Tuesday it will be my final day at my current job where I have been for 2 1/2 years. I have wanted to find something closer to home for a while so I'm really pleased to have found something which ticks all the boxes. I guess it's going to be a big change but I'm really excited about it (if a little nervous) and looking forward to the extra spare time I'll have which means more time to spend with Lily and Lola.

2) Thank you so much for the nice comments and tweets I have received in relation to the new look on my blog. I was so happy reading them and I'm pleased that you like the new design as much as I do!

3) My beautiful new bag arrived last week (c/o Sarenza) and I didn't waste any time in taking it for a spin as it accompanied me yesterday when I was out for a hen night in the afternoon/evening (and if I'm honest, early hours of this morning!) 

It is by Irregular Choice and features an unusual cat design complete with purple crystals for eyes. Everything by Irregular Choice is a tad nuts but I am always drawn to looking at their weird and wonderful shoes. I was browsing their wares when I noticed that they also did bags, and as I really needed a new small bag with a strap I decided to order the Miaow cross body bag. I'm really pleased with it as it is the perfect size for my purse, phone, camera and other bits and pieces and the quirky design is sure to get lots of attention.

4) Pricing up a holiday for September. This is self explanatory. Who doesn't love a week of sunbathing, reading, eating and sleeping?!

5) It was my best friends hen party yesterday which involved decorating cupcakes and making cocktails in the afternoon, followed by food and drinks in the evening. It was a brilliant night especially for the "hen" who really enjoyed it, but best of all we have the pleasure of ploughing our way through 4 delicious cupcakes each that we filled, frosted and decorated with our own fair hands. The jam filled one Jonathan and I demolished first went down well. 3 to go!

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