Catch up.

I haven't done a rambly post in a while. Actually I've been a bit absent from blogging altogether, mainly due to not having an awful lot to say. I don't like to update my blog just for the sake of it, but now I actually have news and bits/bobs to fill you in on so a Sunday night blog post is in order!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Ours has been a busy one where we haven't sat still for too long (apart from a post lunch nap this afternoon = bliss!)

First things first, my good news is that after months of longing for one, and just a few weeks of searching "properly" for one, I have been offered a new job! I'm over the moon as it means no more driving 1 hour+ to get to work. In a couple of weeks time I'll start my new position in Sheffield which will only take about 15 - 20 minutes to drive to. I'll be working fewer hours which means more time with Lily and Lola, more time to dedicate to my shop and a chance to get back to my old self (e.g. not exhausted all the time). I will be doing a similar role to my current one (HR/payroll coordinator) and I'm hoping once I get past being the new girl I'll be fine!

Yesterday I took part in the Clumber Park Race for Life which was my 3rd year in a row. I have always desperately wanted to run the whole 5k and have never managed it, so I thought this year would be "the one". I threw myself into training earlier on in the year and really pushed myself, sticking rigidly to a training timetable in the hopes that I could eventually run 5k without a break. 

Unfortunately I didn't. In fact I gave up on my training altogether as I became frustrated and downhearted about being unable to get past a certain point in the training plan.

I realised that everybody is good at different things and whereas I can do some workouts until the cows come home: I will never be a runner. And I'm ok with this now. So I took part in the 5k event yesterday and power walked, finishing in a respectable time of under 45 minutes without being remotely out of puff. So there you go, I have found that I'm pretty okay at walking fast. Now that I don't have the pressure of trying to do something that my body just doesn't want to do I feel a million times better for it. Plus, most importantly, I raised money for a worthwhile cause and that's what it is all about.

This weekend we have seen lots of family (on both sides) and eaten solidly since we woke up on Saturday. In fact, scratch that, since Friday morning when I had a Krispy Kreme doughnut at 10am. I feel a little squidgy round the edges of late so as of tomorrow I'm back on the healthy eating/exercise bandwagon. My plan is to carry on with my home workouts (mainly Jillian Michaels) but to add one or two long power walks each week and find a local Yoga or Pilates class too.

Aforementioned Krispy Kreme doughnut / My Mum's amazing homemade key lime pie and pavlova

I am probably always going to have a sweet tooth, and going out with a human dustbin Jonathan there will always be lots of naughty food in our cupboards, so I must make more of an effort to exercise not only more often but with a bit more effort.

Anyway, must dash! There are two cross stitch projects and an episode of Once Upon A Time with my name on them. Speak soon!

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