Baby Blue Converse & the perfect comfy style.

In an attempt to wean myself away from wearing pumps every minute of the day, and to keep my beloved Maloles for best instead of wearing them all the time, I decided I needed to get a new pair of casual shoes with one of my ambassador vouchers. My Keds have become my (kill me for saying this!) "go to" trainers for knocking around in the garden or walking the dogs so I thought a similar pair, but for best, would be the solution.

Enter Converse One Star Low Profile Canvas Ox W (say that when you've had a drink!) which fit the bill perfectly. I originally wanted a grey pair which were sadly out of stock in my size and now seem to have disappeared, so I opted for my second choice which were the baby blue pair (c/o Sarenza).

I plan to style mine a la Rachel Bilson & co who are managing to pull off the casual look perfectly (all images via Google). I'm all for comfort so I'll be pairing mine with jeans, slouchy tees and scarves.

I only have one complaint and that is they're ever so slightly a tiny bit snug. I ordered a size smaller as the Converse that I own (that I've had for donkeys years) are my regular size and it has always annoyed me that they were a little too roomy. At a size 7 and a lover of leggings and skinny jeans if I can make my feet look smaller then I will, to avoid looking like a golf club!

Anywhoo, I love the colour and that they're not too boy-ish. They're the ideal alternative to white which I would keep white for about 5 minutes. If only the sun would shine they'd be the perfect casual Summer shoe!

The unbeatable Chuck Taylor All Star from Converse has arrived at Sarenza! Made legendary by the NBA basketball player Chuck Taylor, it is still a must-have in the wardrobes of fashionistas and more traditional wearers alike. The Converse label celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. It was actually in 1917, in Massachusetts, that the first Converse saw the light of day — it was all black and only intended for basketball players. And so it was that for more than 40 years, Converse shoes were exclusively reserved for use in sports. Everything changed when Chuck Taylor decided to wear only Converse shoes for a whole season. From that point on, the spotlight was on the canvas sports shoe bearing the name of the basketball player: the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star became a must-have product. As a result, the Converse sports shoe is now a firm favourite in the fashion world and among ordinary people. Everyone from Keira Knightley to Naomi Watts—not forgetting all the fashion writers as well—has made the Converse shoe the pinnacle of fashion… At, we ascribe to this easy fashion!
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