Another day, another cross stitch. I ordered the kit for this ampersand design a few weeks ago from The Shop at Number 57 which I stumbled upon not long before. I've been eyeing up pretty much everything they sell, especially the cross stitch kits, since I found the shop and I love the design/feel of the website very much so!

My order arrived swiftly and was wrapped up so nicely. The ribbon it was wrapped in has been well and truly stashed away to use again another day.

The instructions and chart that come with the kit are brilliant. They cover everything you need to know as a newbie, and even though I know what I'm doing I picked up a few tips myself after having a read through. The kits would make great gifts for a friend or they're ideal to buy if you haven't cross stitched before and you don't quite know where to start.

This is the first design I have stitched which has used only one colour of thread and I did find that I had to pick it up and put it down, and stitch little and often, otherwise it got a little bit boring.

However, saying that I am really pleased with the finished result and it will look great on our new sideboard when Next Home finally get it back in stock (this prompted me to check the website and they have it - hurrah!) For now it lives on our bookcase amongst my other favourite bits and bobs (including the typewriter in the background which I picked up a couple of weeks ago).
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